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Gardening Tip: Weed Prevention in the Flower Bed

Gardening Tip: Weed Prevention in the Flower Bed

It’s an exciting time of year right now – everywhere you look you see green. Your lawn is starting to green up, trees and shrubs are pushing out new growth, and even your perennials, like daylilies, are pushing with all of their might to break through the topmost layer of soil. But these exciting signs of new growth are accompanied by another form of not so exciting growth – weeds!

We will talk about weeds in the lawn another day, but for now, let’s talk about the weeds popping up in your flower bed.

There are a few different ways to prevent weeds from taking over your flower bed. At the end of the day they both come down to the same concept – creating a barrier that the weed seeds will not be able to penetrate. You can achieve this by two different ways, by applying a preventative chemical or by applying a weed fabric. By using a pre-emergent such as “Preen” or “Weed and Grass Preventer” by High Yield you can create a chemical barrier that will kill young seedlings after they have germinated. Use chemical control for weeds in the flower bed only around hardy trees and shrubs. Be careful when using these chemicals around small annuals or edibles; they can have negative effects on the root systems of these young, tender plants. So consider using a weed fabric in your annual flower and edible garden beds.

If you didn’t get a chance to preventatively treat your flower beds for weeds, and you notice weeds popping up all over the place, there are also several different options for you. First, consider adding a fresh layer of mulch. Using mulch around your trees, shrubs, and flowers not only helps the plants and soil to retain moisture, but it also helps to keep the weeds down. If you are noticing some real grassy weeds there is one chemical that you can spray in your flower beds that will not affect the existing shrubs – “Over the Top Grass Killer” by Fertilome. It contains a chemical called “Sethoxydim” which targets grassy weeds and can be used in the flower bed or over certain ground covers. As always, read the label before applying any chemical to your garden and consult with a garden specialist at your nearest Louisiana Nursery location.

And when all else fails, get out there and do it the old fashioned way, gather your kids, friends and neighbors and start hand pulling!