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Hiring a Landscape Professional

Customers often inquire about landscape services. Do we offer landscape services? No, not at this time. Do we recommend a certain company or person? No, we do not. There are many great companies in the Baton Rouge area. Here are a few things to remember when hiring a landscaper, arborist and any other specialized service professional:

REFERENCES - The best way to acquire information on a potential landscaper is through family and/or friends. Ask around to see who they have used and if they are happy with the outcome. When you are consulting with the landscaper, ask them for at least 3-5 references. Make sure you call or email one or two references and ask them to evaluate the landscapers performance.

LICENSED & INSURED - When hiring a landscaper (or any service provider), always ask for a copy of their state license and active liability insurance. In Louisiana, all categories like landscape contractors, arborist, irrigation, pesticide spraying, etc. must pay fees and pass a test to become licensed. Licensed landscapers have rules and regulations they must follow to keep their license active. If you hire an uninsured landscaper and they are injured on your property you may be responsible. So, do not just take their word, follow through and require proof.

AGREEMENT - Once you feel you have decided on the right landscaper, ask plenty of questions to make sure you (and the landscaper) have a clear understanding of what, how and when the services will be completed and exactly what the payment schedule is. It is always best to have something in writing so you know you are both on the same page and there aren't any misunderstandings.


Good Luck!